Just Pure Clean Water
just pure clean water
Our Fleet
A large Fleet of custom built vans serving Sussex, Surrey, South London, Kent and more..

Using the Reach and Wash System we can clean all of the widows on your house and are proud to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Conservatory Roofs, bring back the sunshine, using our reach and wash poles we can remove the algae and dirt that builds up

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Who Are We

Pryor’s Window Cleaning is a family run business based in Horley, Surrey.

We started with a bucket and a ladder and are now one of the largest residential window cleaning companies in the UK.

Our fleet of 12 reach and wash equipped vehicles serve over 6000 households across the South East.

To learn more watch the about us video to the left or go to the about us page

Our Service in 4 Easy Steps


Join our 6 or 12 weekly round


We text you at 7pm the day before we are due


You make access available and we carry our our services the next day.


Payment is made by Direct Debit 5 to 7 Day later